Anointed Vessels Praise Dancers

Christian Education Ministry
The mission of Christian Education is to carry out the Great Commission to the youth and adults ... more

Culinary Ministry
The Culinary Ministry is responsible for all food service at First Baptist Church. This ... more

Executive Board

Hope Ministry
This ministry is in place to give help to those with their basic needs.

Hospitality/Greeters Ministry
It feels so wonderful to be offered the opportunity to invite and greet others into the ... more

Male Chorus
This wonderful group of men minister in song each 2nd and 5th Sunday of the month. If you are ... more

Marriage Ministry

Mattie E. Williams Missionary Ministry
This ministry is responsible for visiting the sick and shut in, sending cards and flowers.

Media Ministry
This ministry is in place at each of our services and is responsible for recording our worship ... more

Men's Ministry
Men's Ministry has one goal and vision: to assist men with their walk with Christ.

Ministry of Medicine
This ministry is in place to aide anyone in need of help during a non-life threating situation.

Mother's Ministry
This ministry includes the "Season Mothers" of the church, very supportive to ... more

Pantry Ministry
The motto of the Pantry Ministry is simple....they refuse to let a hungry mouth go unfeed.

Pastor's Love Ministry
We work faithfully to make sure our Pastor and Family is comfortable.

Security Ministry

The Voice's of First Baptist Choir
Music has always been identified with worship. From the earliest times to present, the singing ... more

Transportation Ministry
Our church van is available to assist anyone without transporation to First Baptist Church.

Ushers Ministry (Youth & Adults)
The Ushers of First Baptist Church are to assist the pastor, church leaders and worship ... more

Youth Ministry/Youth Choir
First Baptist Church of Ridgewood Heights is blessed to have a vibrant youth ministry program, ... more